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Ray demonstrates precisely what works for you and your dog without employing a one-size-fits-all dog training approach. 

Please get in touch with Ray to schedule your appointment.
Keep in mind you may not be in the territory that Ray travels to.

I will identify your dog’s temperament and I will also evaluate your dog’s learning curve which is unique to each individual dog.
I will identify your dog’s personality type and provide you with the proper formula to correct some common problems.
This training session can successfully shape and develop your puppy during this most critical period of the dog’s life.
Designed for the introduction of basic dog obedience training for the mature dogs that are past the puppy age of 16 weeks old.
This step utilizes the important phase of correction and praise, eliminating food reward as the motivation for your dog to respond to commands.
This phase of training works your dog under extreme distractions while Off-Leash. Your dog will recall even when distracted.
I can schedule a discreetly private aggression evaluation session to assess your dog’s temperament.
This will give you an idea of which puppy is the dominant one or you can tell which puppy will be good with small children or vice versa. 
The American Kennel Club (AKC) S.T.A.R. Puppy® Puppy Training Program is a great way to get your puppy started in training.
Many dog owners choose AKC Dog Training Programs and discover the many benefits and joys of training their dogs.
Razor K-9’s Off Leash Private Training and Boarding is a (2) Two Training School
Plus Equipment
These are fun group classes and Ray loves conducting them. Contact Ray for more information.