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Pricing: $2800

Plus Equipment

Razor K-9’s Off Leash training is a (2) Two Week of Private Training & Boarding School.

During This Type of Training

Your dog will stay at our home. We are not a boarding facility so your dog will only interact with our personally owned dogs. We don’t have dogs all over the place like most other board & train facilities. 

  • Your dog will be picked up from your home for the start of the training and delivered back to your home by Razor K-9 after the training is completed.
  • Intact Females are subject to cancellation and re-scheduling if they go into a heat cycle just before or during the training.

FYI: Off leash training & boarding schools use an e-collar, however not all off leash training programs are equal. Most use a negative only approach.

My unique training method also uses an e-collar. This collar uses static stimulation technology similar to a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy device. Click here to learn more about TENS. The training is an attention based system. My training won’t change temperament, take away built in drives or interfere with the dogs personality and dog’s are never afraid of the equipment or training method.

My 2-week private boarding and training require my Dog Assessment first. My Dog Assessment fee is $195 (This fee is waived if I have previously worked with your dog).

The required equipment is a SportDog remote training collar and a dog training cot. Inquire about which exact model will be needed. We offer you the option of purchasing the equipment from Razor K-9.

Age Requirement: at least 7 months old

Proof of vaccination is required.

I also offer Puppy Training,Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience Training and Maintenance Sessions explicitly tailored to your dog’s needs.

Do you have a question for Ray? Contact Ray to email Ray a question. Ray is always willing to communicate and answer dog questions.