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Ray's expert dog training service can help your furry friend learn the necessary skills for a happier life.
Ray Keeriman - Professional Dog Trainer

Ray Kerimian - Professional Dog Trainer

  • At a young age Ray’s love for dogs guided him in his career.
  • He served in the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department for 22 years, which included a handler in the Canine (K-9) Unit and was later appointed head trainer. He was a handler/trainer for bomb, drug and tracking dogs. He competed in numerous police dog competitions. Ray created the K-9 policy for the Sheriff’s Department.
  • After retirement, Ray started his own dog private training business.
  • He also serves on the Executive Board of the United States Police Canine Association and continues to attend K-9 training seminars throughout the United States and Canada. 

Fur Baby (Puppy) Training

Are you a proud owner of a new puppy? If so, Congratulations! Every pup needs some basic training, and I’m here to help.
Let’s talk about training just for puppies and how we can get your little one off to a great start!