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Level 1 Beginner Obedience

Pricing: $750

This Level 1 Beginner Dog Training Obedience Course of (4) one-hour private dog obedience training sessions at your home is designed to introduce basic dog obedience training for mature dogs past the puppy age of 16 weeks old.

During this training course

The dog training course will be instructed at your home, where the distractions are present and not in a classroom or controlled environment.

  • With this dog training course, your dog will learn the Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Stay, and Heel commands and their meanings.
  • Ray will teach you a series of exercises each session that must be practiced daily to reach your goal.
  • Ray will demonstrate the exercises and get your dog to perform each exercise successfully right before you.
  • Ray not only gives you theories or tells you that eventually, your dog will learn; he demonstrates exactly what works for you and your dog without ever employing a one-size-fits-all dog training approach.
  • This private dog training course will be tailored to your dog’s personality and learning curve.
  • Full email & text support between training sessions.
  • A certificate will be awarded after successfully completing the course and passing the course test.

Age Requirement: 16 weeks old

Proof of vaccination is required.

I also offer Puppy Training,Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience Training and Maintenance Sessions explicitly tailored to your dog’s needs.

Do you have a question for Ray? Contact Ray to email Ray a question. Ray is always willing to communicate and answer dog questions.