Ray Kerimian’s Dog Training Credentials


Ray always had an interest in the training and handling of dogs. When he was a young child he often brought home stray dogs and trained them on his own to become great household pets. Ray continued this throughout his life and eventually he was able to put his passion for dogs and training into a career with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department Canine (K-9) Unit. Ray is now a retired from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, Detroit, Michigan after completing 22 years of service. After retiring from the Department, Ray developed an elite dog training business sharing his years of professional K-9 experience with his clients. Ray is a specialist and takes pride in training dogs that other dog trainers have deemed un-trainable. Ray’s business motto which tells it all “For the Serious Enthusiast Demanding Excellence & Reliability in Their Dog Trainer™ 

Ray receiving his Detroit Police K-9 Training Graduation Certificate

Ray began his professional Canine K-9 career by becoming a K-9 Handler assigned to the K-9 Unit with Wayne County Sheriff’s Department in 1994.  Ray was trained and certified as a Canine (K-9) Handler by the Detroit Police Department.  The head K-9 Trainer (John Skalski) at the Detroit Police Department is nationally known for his expertise in all areas of police K-9 training.  John taught Ray in all aspects of K-9 training from General Obedience Training, Tracking Training, Detector Dog Training and Decoying for Protection work.

While working as a K-9 handler and being assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Task Force Officer, Ray continued seeking his education in K-9 Training.  Ray attended training seminars with the United States Police Canine Association throughout the United States and Canada.


Ray pictured with K-9 Cashous

Ray completed special K-9 Training with the Oakland Police Academy in 2001 where he earned a Dog Trainer Instructor’s Certificate.  Shortly after Ray became the head trainer for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and began conducting in service K-9 training for the K-9 Unit.  In 2002 Ray trained the first ever bomb detection dog for the Sheriff’s Department, eventually going on to training  all of the new police dogs and K-9 handlers to increase the size of the Department’s K-9 Unit.  Ray drafted a K-9 policy for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department which has been shared by other Law Enforcement Agencies as a standard to go by.

Ray eventually worked both a Narcotics Detection Dog and an Explosives Detection Dog for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.  Ray and his police dogs entered numerous police dog competitions and certifications where he won numerous awards, often taking first place and he also once placed in the top ten with his police dog in a National K-9 Competition.  Ray also attended special training in K-9 First Aid where he learned basic and advanced First Aid.

top dogs


Ray pictured with trophies & awards he obtained while working with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department

Ray became recognized as a certified Police Dog Trainer with the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA). Ray has been involved with the USPCA since 1995 and is currently serving on the Executive Board with the USPCA, Region 19.  Ray in 2011 convinced the rest of the Executive Board to pursue a non-profit for the USPCA Region 19.  Ray worked countless hours while continuing to train dogs on the strenuous application process for the non-proft and on February 2014, the IRS recognized USPCA, Region 19 as a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Organization.

Ray is also an Instructor with the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA).  MMRMA conducts annual K-9 Training at Camp Grayling Military Base.  Ray has trained hundreds of K-9 Handlers at Camp Grayling setting up practical dog training scenarios and lecturing on Officer Safety and Narcotics Package Interdiction.

Ray while working with the DEA, became an instructor with the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC).  Ray developed the “First of its kind” K-9 Training Program for EPIC Interdiction Jetway Training Program which instructed DEA Agents and DEA Task Force Officers the Proper use of the K-9 in Drug Interdiction Cases.  Ray traveled throughout the United States with the EPIC Jetway Program lecturing on his K-9 Course.

Ray is a contracted instructor with the DEA where he instructs Drug Interdiction and the Use of a K-9 with the Basic Narcotics Course.

Ray continues to attend and participate in numerous local and national K-9 Training Seminars throughout the United States and Canada.  Ray is also a member of the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA)



Ray is a certified evaluator with the American Kennel Club (AKC) for the AKC Canine Good Citizen®, AKC Community Canine® and S.T.A.R. Puppy® programs.  Ray has conducted and certified group classes with these programs.

Ray and his wife Eleanor developed a leash from Biothane Coated Webbing material.  They can be found in local Pet Stores. They have many benefits besides looking great and feeling good in your hand.   for more information.

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Ray often conducts Free “Ask The Trainer” seminars at local pet stores where he helps people solve problems with their family pets. Do you have a question for Ray? Click on the Contact Ray link below to email Ray a question.  Ray is always willing to communicate and answer dog questions.

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