Level 2 Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Dog Obedience Training


This Level 2 dog training course of (4) one hour private dog obedience training sessions, is for the dog that has a clear understanding of the basic obedience commands of Sit, Down, Stand, come, Stay and Heel.  This step utilizes the important phase of correction and praise, eliminating food reward as the motivation for your dog to respond to commands. You want a dog that is trained to respond to you with or without food.  This Level eliminates repeated commands to get your dog to respond. No more commanding sit, Sit, SIT!

The dog training will be conducted at your home or where the problem exists.  Your dog will be exposed to everyday distractions of other dogs, cats, squirrels, people, traffic…etc. You will learn how to correct your dog or praise your dog, based on the dog’s response to the distractions.

Ray will teach you a series of exercises each session that must be practiced on a daily basis, in order for you to reach your goal. Ray will demonstrate the exercises and will get your dog to successfully perform each exercise, right in front of you.  Ray does not only give you theories or tell you eventually your dog will learn, he demonstrates to you exactly what works for you and your dog without ever employing a one size fits all dog training approach.  This private dog training course will be tailored specifically for your dog’s personality and learning curve.

Off-Leash work is introduced as well as distance control in this level of dog training.

A certificate will be awarded after successfully completing the course test.

Prerequisite: Level 1- Beginner Dog Training Obedience Course.

Age requirement: 24 weeks old – proof of immunization required.

I also offer Puppy Training, Beginner Obedience and Advanced Obedience Training Sessions & Maintenance Training Sessions tailored specifically to fit your dog’s needs.

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