Dog Trainers License

Did you know there are no government regulations or licenses required in the State of Michigan for anyone to call themselves a dog trainer or animal behaviorist? Therefore, as a consumer it is very important that you personally check out a dog trainer’s experience, qualifications and referrals before you engage their services.  This will help ensure you find the right trainer for your dog.  So if they claim they are a dog trainer or animal behaviorist, do your homework and check them out.  Furthermore, there are many dog trainers in business that will give you a laundry list of theories about your dog, won’t have a clue on how to fix the problems but will sign you up for training lessons while continuing to give you theories on the dog’s behavior. A good dog trainer doesn’t just give you theories, he/she should be able to physically demonstrate (With your dog) how they can help with the problem you are experiencing.

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