1 Hour Training Session

Dog Training Session


During this private dog training session, I will identify your dog’s personality type and provide you with the proper formula to correct some common problems such as house breaking, pulling on the leash, jumping up and excessive barking. By the end of this session you will have a clear understanding of my methods.

I am successful because I have an extensive background training dogs.  During my career as a professional K-9 handler, I have developed a unique ability to assess and match appropriate training methods to diverse breeds of dogs.

Many well intention-ed but inexperienced self-described dog trainers employ a singular, one-size-fits-all training philosophy.  Using my professional experience and all around knowledge of dogs, I will match the training session BEST suited for your dog.  You and your dog will have a positive and enjoyable learning session. Age requirement: 24 weeks old – Proof of vaccination required.

Please Note: Some restrictions apply to this Training Session so please contact me for further details and discussion. This session does not include assessments of dogs with aggression issues. to learn more about aggression assessments.

Do you have a question for Ray? Click on the Contact Ray link below to email Ray a question. Ray is always willing to communicate and answer dog questions.
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